About Us

Il team di Askos Tours

Askos Tours is a tour operator that specializes in guided tours and experiential activities with an archaeological and artistic theme.

We are based in Pompeii, but our operational range extends across the entire Campania Region, to Rome and to other locations in southern Italy.

We offer guided tours on foot or with transport, for small groups or private clients. On request we also organize customized tours, tailor-made for our customers.

The legal name of our company is Askos srl. We are registered with the Naples Chamber of Commerce (NA 955536), and we satisfy all the legal requirements to carry out the activities of Tour Operator (production and travel organization).

The history of Askos Tours

The name Askos originates from a ceramic vase that in ancient times was used to pour and store liquids. Our CEO and founder, the archaeologist Emiliano Tufano, once found a beautiful askos during archaeological excavations conducted on the island of Pantelleria, and from that moment this vase became for him a symbol of discovery and knowledge.

The history of Askos Tours  perfectly illustrates how hard work always leads to the realization of one’s dreams.

In 2010, Emiliano decided to interrupt his career as an archaeologist, which kept him away from his family for long periods, and he founded the Pompeiin agency to offer guided tours in the Vesuvian area.

His passion for archeology led Emiliano to experiment with new ways to promote and share the extraordinary ancient testimonies of his territory with the collaboration of trained tour guides. In doing so, he himself became one of the most popular and in-demand  tour guides in Campania!

In 2016, the small Pompeiin agency became the current Askos Tours Tour Operator, specializing in guided tours with archaeologists and art historians in the most important archaeological sites and museums in Campania, Rome and Southern Italy.

A passion for archeology and the experience gained in the field of tourism have always been the main ingredients for the success of Askos Tours. The company has experienced rapid growth, quickly becoming a point of reference in the experiential tourism industry.

In 2019, Askos Tours guided tours welcomed more than 45,000 travelers from all over the world.

In 2020, despite the global health emergency, Askos Tours consolidated and continued a growth trend.

Askos Tours philosophy

Askos tours strive to entertain, inform and inspire people through the best archaeologically themed guided tours. We aim to revive the Italian cultural heritage in a clear, pleasant and friendly way. 

We dedicate our lives to travelers, whom we love and treat as members of our own family. People and the quality of service are at the top of our priorities, and we dissociate ourselves from the logic of mass tourism, which puts mere profit first.

Our tours

Each tour we operate is the result of our passion and experience. We are constantly oriented towards progress and improvement, experimenting with new itineraries and continuously perfecting those we have been operating for over a decade.

In addition to our passion, we use other simple elements to make a difference.

  • Above all, a team that is constantly attentive to the needs of travelers.
  • Fully trained and licensed tour guides
  • Small group tours with guaranteed daily departures.
  • Itineraries studied in detail by real experts in tourism and cultural heritage.
  • Quick skip-the-line access to all attractions.

Askos Tours Team

Il team di Askos Tours

Our team is composed, first and foremost, of reliable and trustworthy people, who with kindness and passion carry out their tasks to achieve the company’s mission. An exceptional human capital is the main strength of Askos Tours.

We can boast of a young and well-trained office team. Every email, phone call or message will always receive a prompt, friendly and comprehensive response.

If Askos Tours were a football team, the tour guides would be the strikers who finalize the work of the whole team. We have a strong spine running through the team with each member in possession of a university degree in archeology and/or art history. The guides have the task of scoring goals in the hearts of our customers, and have an excellent record of doing so.

Tested and reliable

The literally thousands of 5-star reviews on Tripadvisor and on the major international Online Travel Agencies are testament to the quality of the service we provide. We are immensely proud of the wonderful comments left by our customers and the certificates of excellence that are awarded to us year after year.