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The House of the Red Walls

LIVING IN POMPEI House of the Red Walls (VIII 5, 37) Excavated in 1832, this small house has two rooms with the famous “Pompeian red” which gives its name to the house. The paintings of IV style were probably made by different painters belonging to the same workshop. In particular, the pictures with mythological subject […]

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Spiral columns

Stabian “OTIA” Spiral columns The upper peristyle of Villa San Marco in Stabiae was annexed to the villa in the last years before the eruption. The originality of the portico was due, in addition to splendid mythological paintings, to the presence of stuccoed columns in the lower area and fluted with a spiral pattern in […]

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Colored glass

LET’S GO TO THE MUSEUM Colored glasses In the glass collection of the Archaeological Museum of Naples can be observed small cups and bowls made with the technique of “ribbon mosaic”. They were produced starting from the Augustan age and were obtained by joining sticks of different colors to form a disc that was heated […]

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Living in Pompeii

LIVING IN POMPEII Cupids In the houses of Pompeii, it was usual to see graceful female figures painted on the walls or plump children with wings: the cupids. Pretty presences that can be admired even in a fragment of fresco that comes from the lower floors of the House of Championnet. The little head with […]

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The City of Hercules – Folding doors

🇬🇧THE CITY OF HERCULES Folding doors The Bicentennial House (V, 15-16), reopened to the public last week after more than thirty years of closure, offers the visitor the vision of one of the most original pieces of furniture in the ancient Roman houses. The right wing still has one of the two swings of a […]

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Pompeian Chronicles

🇬🇧 POMPEIAN CHRONICLES Finally the annual ticket for the Pompeii excavations! From January 1st, 2020 there will be important news for the visitors of the Pompeii excavations. In addition to the already announced increase of the entrance ticket from 15 to 16 euros, the real news will concern the issue of a card to visit the […]

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Pompeian graffiti. Ancient voices.

The mirmillo Attilio CIL IV 10236 M (arcus) ATT (ilius) / M (arcus) Attilius (pugnarum) I (coronarum) I v (icit) / L RAECIUS FELIX (pugnarum) XII (coronarum) XII M (issus) On a tomb of the Necropolis of Porta Nocera, a graffiti of a fight of two gladiators tells us the successes of Marco Attilio. After […]

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What to visit in half a day in Pompeii – Ideal itinerary for a selfguided tour

Spending a few hours exploring Pompeii is a must for any traveler who spends a holiday in Italy.For many, the time available is really limited, especially for those who land at the port of Naples by cruise ship.Exploring Pompeii can be an exciting and adventurous cultural activity, but it couldt take 2 whole days to […]

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Colonnato foro

The ten things to know before a tour in Pompeii

Pompeii is one of the largest archaeological cities in the world, undoubtedly the most fascinating and best preserved. It is an international dream destination for millions of people, one of the places to see at least once in a lifetime. In 2018 there were over 3 million visitors. Travelers often ask us how to prepare […]

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