The Benefits of a Customized Sightseeing Tour in Italy

The Benefits of a Customized Sightseeing Tour in Italy

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At Askos Tours, we’re very proud to share insight into the dazzling range of travel destinations we serve in Italy. From the ancient ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum to the UNESCO-listed treasures of Rome, the stunning art and architecture of Naples, and the sun-soaked Amalfi coastline, our Custom Tours offer you the freedom to plan your tour to hit the highlights you most want to see. 

We offer guided tours both walking tours or with transport included, and welcome small groups and private clients alike. We also organize tailor-made custom tours in Italy offering a little extra flexibility around travel plans and itinerary, and that’s the subject of our blog today.  

Customized Group Travel in Italy among Friends, Family, or Colleagues

As a global holiday destination, Italy is deserving of a spot on anyone’s list of must-visit countries. Travelers here can experience delicious cuisine, spectacular scenery, beautiful language, masterpieces of art and sculpture, the latest catwalk trends, rich Roman history, and some of the world’s finest wines. And traveling in Italy as a larger group with friends, family, or colleagues is a joy, as you share those wonderful experiences and make memories together.  

Askos’ custom tours can accommodate group sizes of up to 20 people. With our experts assisting with recommendations and activities throughout your trip, you’re free to relax and soak up the culture. For families with young children in tow, tours such as our private child-friendly Pompei tour allow you to explore Italy’s Roman history in a way that appeals to younger travelers. And for new parents with babes-in-arms, our vehicles can fit baby seats if needed.   

Create Your Personalized Italian Tour Itinerary 

Travelers exploring the delights of Italy on one of Askos’ custom tours can enjoy a freedom that the traditional small-group or private tours don’t offer – the ability to create your own itinerary in advance of your trip. By working hand in hand with our helpful and knowledgeable experts, we invite you to share your preferences and ideal routes with us through our dedicated Custom Tour page, and plan your Italian sightseeing adventure your way.   

You can select the tour departure and ending points to make the best use of your time, and enjoy a flexibility around tour timings that standard guided experiences can’t offer.  

Added Flexibility for Cruise Ship Customers 

Sightseeing tours are a huge part of the cruise holiday experience, and Askos Tours are pleased to be able to extend this same flexibility to cruise passengers on shore excursions. If the customized start and end times match the visitor timings and opening times of attractions, we’re happy to help you customize your journey from the start of your shore excursion to your return to your ship. 

Our guided sightseeing tours are also available with a private vehicle, where your hand luggage can be stored safely. So you’re free to relax and soak up the scenery, knowing your valuables are safely locked away. When pre-arranged in advance, our custom service helps you make the very most of your cruise holiday shore excursion. 

Our Staff and Guides

From your initial phone call or custom tour request, through to your sightseeing tour, and return home, you’ll find the dedicated and knowledgeable Askos team a joy to plan and travel with. Our office team works diligently to deliver to the highest expectations of customer care, and our guides on the ground are carefully selected for their reliable nature and comprehensive subject knowledge.  

If you’re looking for a more bespoke approach to your sightseeing holiday in Italy, leave it to the experts at Askos to help you plan and deliver an itinerary you’ll never forget. 

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