Our History

Our agency is called “Askos”, which is a rather symbolic name. In strict sense of the word, this is a type of ancient Greek vessel used to store liquids such as oil. It has a distinct flattened shape and a nice handle on top of it to allow for easier carrying. The founder of the agency, Emiliano, once found such Askos on a site. Since then it became for Emiliano the very embodiment of the thrill of exploration resulted in a discovery. For him this vase is a symbol of excitement from the wonderful moments of triumph over time and oblivion on a road where the thirst for knowledge has brought him. But the word “Askos” is also a reminder about the main responsibility of every guide – to answer questions brought up by the tourists. But there’s one important difference in our case: if you “ask us”, we won’t give you boring answers directly, but the very world of ancient and modern local culture will share their answers with you. We’ll care for the most effective way to bring you in contact with these fascinating worlds. The new name of the agency reflects changes in its scope, new mission and vision (previously it was called “Pompeiin”).

The story of “Askos” srl is an exciting example of how two colleagues followed their dream and founded a successful company offering highly popular tailor-made tours.

All began in 2010. Emiliano e Felicia were keen on advancing and promoting a wonderful patrimony of history in the archaeological area around Vesuvius. These highly energetic archaeology experts had all that was needed for their responsible mission. Firstly, they possessed vast knowledge and many years experience in the field of ancient art, history and material culture. Secondly, they were able to manage all aspects of organization: routes, logistics, negotiations with locals. Finally, they had skills of communicating information clearly & effectively to people from all social and professional backgrounds. That is indeed the best recipe for an effective and positive encounter with the fascinating world of ancient history: friendly and knowledgeable people who love their job and country and wish to share it. If you are eager to get the best from your visit, there’s no better people to guide your through Vesuvian area than people who know what they’re doing and are passionate about it.

In the beginning we operated exclusively in Campania, but now we offer guided tours in the whole Italy with special interest for Rome and other regions in the South of Italy. In the nearest future we’re planning to expand our tours even further. They will encompass the whole basin of the Mediterranean with most attention given to major archaeological sites.

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