The Pygmies in the frescoes of Pompeii

Askos Tours archaeologist and tour guide Giulia Musella describes the Nilotic scenes with representations of Pygmies in Pompeii. Fascinating virtual tour!

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Pompeii vs Herculaneum: which of these two sites is the best?

Many travellers are wondering which of the two archaeological towns are worth visiting if you have limited time. Although we believe that cultural excellence cannot be boxed into rankings of beauty and importance, with this short article we try to find an answer by showing the main differences and similarities between the two fascinating archaeological […]

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Askos Tours on National Geographic

We are proud to announce that have appeared on the National Geographic Travelers collection 2020, listed among the operators of the most beautiful experiences in Europe. It is an enormous satisfaction for us that our passion is repaid in this extraordinary way. But we don’t stop here, despite the forced arrest due to the current […]

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Askos Tours statement: special cancellation policy due to the COVID-19 crisis

Following the Coronavirus (COVID-19) events, Askos Tours didn’t interrupt customer care activities. We are working from home to respond promptly every traveller’s enquiries, and to reimburse the numerous cancellations we are facing these days. However, travelers can book our tours with confidence as ours NEW established CANCELLATION POLICY provides for a 100% refund till 24 hours […]

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The Corona Virus has triggered the most serious health crisis that Italy has had to face from the post-war period to today. The measures taken by the government to limit its spread are fair and fully shared by us at Askos Tours. We also agree with the measure that most penalizes us, to close all […]

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🇬🇧 Lexxi booked a tour with us for March 8, the closing day of all museums and cultural sites due to Covid-19. Despite not being able to take advantage of the tour, she thought of leaving us this nice review. Thank you very much to Lexxi and to all those who in these days send […]

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House of the Golden Cupids In this beautiful house located in the Regio VI, the owner, who was related to the Poppaeus family, wanted to create a votive chapel dedicated to the cult of the goddess Isis, very popular in Pompeii. In a corner of the porch, above the agathodemon snakes, you can see two […]

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Porta di Nola – 1960 In the past this door was called Urbulana, “the Door of the City“. Its most ancient phase dates back to the 4th century BC, while the one we see now is the Door of the end of the 2nd century BC rebuilt by Vibio Popidio. In this occasion Minerva’s head was painted on […]

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​The Great Portal On the lower decuman of Herculaneum we can admire an house with an original portal. The front consists of an architrave, a cornice and two half-columns made of bricks. These are surmounted by two re-used Hellenistic capitals of tufa with winged Victories carrying torches. The house, for the presence of this particular entrance, is […]

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Satyr with Dionysus child This statue from the Farnese collection, dated 2nd century AD, is the marble copy of a original Greek bronze.  It represents a satyr with pointed ears who has on his shoulders a  small Dionysus whose head is crowned with vines, and in his right hand he has a large bunch of grapes. BOOK NOW […]

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