Benevento, Province of Benevento, Italy


Discover the ancient and fascinating City of Benevento on this enjoyable walking tour.

Enjoy a tour in the legendary “City of Witches” and have a walk through archaeological treasures

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Discover the legendary “City of Witches“. Your guide will take you through the city and explain the history that shaped the once ancient city into the modern world.

Once called “Maloeventum” (bad wind), but the Romans re-baptised the city “Beneventum” (good wind). The Samnites were the population living in the area of Benevento before the Romans, they were the only ones able to resist the Roman power for as long as they did, earning them a tough reputation. This city became a Papal city, and then remained part of the Papal State until the unification of Italy in 1861.
This tour features the Arch of Trajan, a symbol of the city; the Cathedral founded in the 17th Century; the Church of Santa Sofia, considered a masterpiece of the middle ages; the Provincial Museum of Sannio containing prehistoric relics of Greeks and Italian ceramics, Egyptian, Hellenistic and Roman statues.

Learn the history that built up this beautiful city and do not forget to ask why it was known as the city of witches.


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Tour’s Details

Tour type: walking tour
Duration: 2 hours
Location: Italy, Naples and Caserta
Meet Location: At the Trajan's arch
End Location: At the Trajan's arch
Transportation method: Can be arranged on request
Activity Level:
Maximum number of People: 15
Kid friendly: yes
Departure date:
Children (3-12):
Infant (0-2):
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Tour’s Program

- Meet the guide at the Trajan's Arch.
- The Arch of Trajan is the symbol of the city. It is 15m high and remained intact and rich in decorations,as a commemoration of the glorious feats of the Emperor.
- The Cathedral, founded in XVII century and later completely restructured, keeps the façade and the bell tower from the original structure.
- The church of Santa Sofia, founded in XVIII century by the Longobards, is the most evocative monument in Benevento and it is a masterpiece of Middle Age architecture. The church has an unusual star-shaped plan like the majestic Hagia Sofia in Istanbul, with pillars and columns of Roman origin. The cloister is magnificent and dates back to the XII century.
- In the monastery of Santa Sofia is located the Provincial Museum of Sannio with an archaeological section containing prehistoric relics, Greek and Italic ceramics, Egyptian, Hellenistic and Roman statues. The medieval section is also rich of tools, sculpture, jewelry and paintings dating from Baroque to the 1900’s.
- Guidance and assistance for the entire duration of the Tour
- Tickets
- Transportation
- Meals
- It's possible to arrange the transportation to Benevento from your accommodation in Campania or from Airport or Central Stration in Naples on request.
- The Museum is closed on Mondays.

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