An incredible getting in touch with the forgotten history of your family.

A quest that is essential for you to restore precious link with your past.

We are happy to offer you a unique quest into the history of your family. If any of your relatives were born or previously lived in Italy, then don’t miss your chance to get in touch with your roots. Don’t hesitate to contact our genealogy investigation team if you know that your family’s history and Italy are connected in some way or another. For example, some of your relatives might have an italian-sounding name, or you heard that one of your ancestors was born in an Italian village, or as a child you heard stories told by your grandfather, who was a wartime veteran serving in Italy or you know any other precious detail.

If so, we’ll try our best to help you to restore precious link with your past. We’ll guide you to the house where your ancestor lived, the streets where he might have walked, we’ll eat local food which doesn’t change for centuries, to taste the life as it used to be back in the days of your forefather. This incredible journey will help you to discover something new not just about your family but about you as well. After this trip you’ll be a different person, enriched and changed by this unique experience of travelling into the past of your family.

Why book this tour even if your family seems to have no connection to Italy whatsoever?

Italy is a country which has exceedingly rich history. For nearly 3 thousand years it’s been a major crossroads in terms of trade, cultural exchange, military, religious and political history. Italy used to be the gate of Europe for the goods and ideas coming from the Middle East and Africa. Millions of Italians emigrated to the US, Australia and other countries all over the world since the middle of the 19th century. It’s also been a place where many people immigrated. It is still a mecca for artists, scientists, travelers and rich people. That’s why you never know for sure if your family doesn’t have any connection to this wonderful land. Not to lose the chance of learning something which can be forever lost, contact us and leave an application with some information about your family. If the search will give any results, we’ll write back to you!

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Tour’s Details

Tour type: Walking / Transportation based
Duration: 8 hours
Location: Italy, Amalfi & Sorrento, Caserta, Naples, Rome, Salerno & Paestum, Pompeii & Herculaneum, Basilicata, Calabria, Puglia
Meet Location: Any cruise Port or accomodation in Campania, Lazio and Calabria region
End Location: Any cruise Port or accomodation in Campania, Lazio and Calabria region
Transportation method: yes
Activity Level:
Maximum number of People: 7
Kid friendly: Yes, kids are welcome under adult supervision
Friendly: Yes
Departure date:
Current Price

Tour’s Program

- One day genealogical research made by our experts before your arrival in Italy
- Pick-up at your accommodation
- Visit your ancestors town whit a special itinerary customize for you. Itinerary will be arranged according to the results of our investigation.
- Drop off at your accommodation
- Guidance and assistance for one day
- One day of genealogical research by our experts previous your arrival in Italy. Will be consulted archives of city halls, parishes and cemeteries
- Guided Tour to the places of origins with traditional Italian lunch
- Full day transportation by private Mercedes, minivan or sedan and a professional driver including pick up and drop off. Local taxes, fuel and parking expenses.
- Travel Tips
- All taxes gas and parking expenses
- Meals.
- Admission fees if needed.
- Graphic design and printing of the photo album:
you will have the opportunity to photograph interesting places and people that you want to remember forever. We will prepare for you a travel album, digital and/or printed, to make concrete memories of this wonderful experience.

-We need to know all the information in your possenssion about your relatives:
-Do you know first name and surname of your relatives?
-Do you know the Village or city of origin?
-Do you know approximate date of departure from Italy?
-Do you have any picture?
-Do you want to meet your relatives in Italy (if there are any)?
-A lunch in a local restaurant can be arranged at request.
-Some villages in Italy are not always easily accessible by public transport, then we will provide a Mercedes (sedan or van) and a driver to move around quickly, giving you the chance to spend time in the places you’re visiting.

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