Capua, Province of Caserta, Italy


Fascinating journey to the legendary place of Spartacus revolt.

Everyone heard about Spartacus and saw movies about him, but you will be one of the few who have seen the actual place where his revolt started.

On this tour you will come to the Amphitheater where legendary Spartacus once fought as gladiator and where he started his famous slave uprising which shook southern Italy for several years. You will also see the most authentic Museum of Gladiators and the secret temple dedicated to Mithra. After this tour you will not only feel the spirit of Spartacus still left in the huge arena, but learn many things about different types of gladiatorial combat and weapons, as well as alternatives to Christianity in the first centuries A.D.

Why book this tour?

This amphitheater was second in size only to the Colosseum in Rome. But that’s not the only reason to come here. This amphitheater stands on top of the ruins of the previous arena of Spartacus. Everyone heard about Spartacus or saw movies about him, but you will be one of the few who have come to see the actual place where his revolt started. Moreover, this amphitheater is less visited by tourists than Colosseum, therefore you will have singular opportunity to explore it in tranquillity. Also, the underground space of Colosseum is closed to visitors, but here we’ll be able to show you spectacular underground rooms and mysterious galleries, where gladiators and animals were kept between the performances.

In the Gladiator museum you’ll see casts of gladiators’ weapons, a big realistic diorama showing a gladiator fight and much more.

The Mithraeum is surely a must-see place, because it gives you insight about the religion which once was the biggest rival of Christianity. In fact, mithraism could become world religion because of its powerful message and popularity. People worshipping Mithras gathered in caves and secret places just like early Christians. You’ll see such secret cave in Capua. The Mithraeum you’ll see comes from the 2nd or 3rd century AD and has one of the best preserved frescoes showing main symbolical event upon which religion was based: a mystical ritual of killing the bull by god Mithras himself.


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Tour’s Details

Tour type: Walking
Duration: 2 hours
Location: Italy, Caserta
Meet Location: Ticket office of the Amphitheatre
End Location: Ticket office of the Amphitheatre
Transportation method: Transportation can be arranged on demand
Activity Level:
Maximum number of People: 50
Kid friendly: Yes, kids are welcome under adult supervision
Friendly: Yes
Departure date:
Children (3-12):
Infant (0-2):
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Tour’s Program

- Meet the guide at the ticket office of the Amphitheater.
- Visit of the Roman Amphitheater of Spartacus and the underground.
- Visit of the Gladiators Museum of the ancient Capua.
- Visit of the underground temple dedicated to Mithra of Santa Maria Capua Vetere.
- Guide service for the entire duration of the tour.
- Admission fees: Amphitheater of Capua, Museum of Gladiators and Mithraeum adult 2,50 €.
- Transportation.
- Meals.
- The Amphitheater is vast and also very exposed with minimal shade, so the use of sunscreen and wearing a hat it is recommended.
- Make sure to take plenty of water.
- Estimated local cash needed: Amphitheater, Museum and Mithraeum admission fee adult 2,50 €.
- The Amphitheater of the ancient Capua, the Museum and the Mithraeum are closed on Monday, the 1st January, the 1st May and 25th December.

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