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Gretta Schifano

Gretta Schifano, a freelance journalist wrote about her personal experience with us. She had a Vespa tour in Naples with our archaeological guide Emiliano.

” I’m there on a sunny day one April on a fascinating Vespa tour of the Mediterranean city with archaeologist Emiliano Tufano. We walk along the narrow, cobblestoned street into Ferigno, one of the open workshops where craftsmen are making i pastori. Pastori literally means ‘shepherds’ but is the generic term used for all of the crib scene figures….

My guide Emiliano explains that the nativity scenes are not limited to traditional figures but can also include famous celebrities as well as il corno (the horn), the symbol of Naples and a good luck charm against the evil eye…”


Read more http://mumsdotravel.com/2013/12/christmas-cribs-naples/   

Like a real Neapolitan Tristan Rutherford, a journalist of the Guardian talk about his Vespa tour with us in Naples.

“Googling “Naples scooter” in a search for a local rental joint brings up a slew of hair-raising YouTube videos. Vintage Vespas squeeze between menacing orange buses. Animated drivers shake clenched fists in the air, as tiny two-wheelers swing past, leaving a jam of cars in their wake.

Edgy, daring, reckless: I find the idea of seeing Naples like a Neapolitan irresistible. Locals claim the city is so enchanting that one can “Vedi Napoli e poi muori” – “See Naples and die”. I just hope that’s not meant literally.

Snarling traffic and sunny skies make motorcycles the obvious vehicle of choice. When cars and buses stop at red lights, scooters fill the gaps. Before the green light flickers locals give each other a good stare. Riders flirt with drivers, and couples canoodle across seats, before the entire pack presses their foot to the floor. With a bag of local tips and €5 of petrol, anyone can join in this urban tour…”

Read more  https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2012/aug/02/naples-italy-scooter-tour-vespa-city-break?newsfeed=true

The Guardian
The Guardian




TravelMan is a British television travel documentary series, it is  presented by Richard Ayoade. In each episode he travels in different location with a special star.  During the summer 2016 Richard Ayoade with Jack Dee went to Naples and visited Herculaneum ruins with our guide Emiliano. Below you can see part of the video where Emiliano explains how Roman life was before the eruption in Herculaneum. Watch the video here https://vimeo.com/195615308

Anthony Riches and Ben Kane produced and interpreted The Roman Walk an amazing  and funny movie based on a historical novel of Ben Kane that shows their walk from Capua to Rome in full Roman armor. Narrated by Sir Ian McKellen who is known for playing Gandalf of the Lord of King, the main aim of the authors was to raise money for Medecins Sans Frontieres and Combat Stress.

Our guide Emiliano  had the great honor of being supporting actor and guide during their insane walk from Capua  to Rome.

Just take a relaxing sit and have a great time watching it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OoNoX1D-Sgc

The Romani walk
The Romani walk

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