An in-depht visit to see Pompeii in just 3 hours: guided tour with archaeologist and priority entrance

Trip Facts

  • Max 10
  • 3 hours

Why take this tour

A personalised visit to Pompeii is likely to be a once in a lifetime experience. So it’s essential that you choose the one which is right for you. With Askos Tours, we guarantee you a day that you’ll never forget.

We know time is of the essence so we’ll save time by having your entrance ticket booked in advance. That way, you’ll skip straight past those with envious eyes in the queue.

With your friendly and very own archaeologist guide, you’ll be taken on an exciting adventure through time. And you’ll go at a pace that’s right for you. Remember, you’re in charge!

Pompeii is a large site, but three hours is ample to visit the very best of it. All the while, your guide will regale you with an array of entertaining stories of what you see. You’ll be led through the most significant and talked about points of the city. From the richest and most fascinating houses to the best preserved inns, where you’ll learn how delicious foods were prepared and sold. You will enter the symbolic buildings of Pompeii: the Basilica, the Temple of Jupiter, the Baths, the Lupanare Theaters ...  just some of the monuments included in our itinerary! The secrets of the city will be revealed to you!

For millennia these wonders have been hidden under layers of volcanic ash, preserving for us a heritage of exceptional value. You’ll learn the true story of the terrifying moments that preceded the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. And you’ll be moved at the plaster casts of the victims. We know you’ll have questions, so please don’t be afraid to ask! Your guide is more knowledgeable than you could imagine.

With Askos tours, your once in a lifetime experience will be one you will want to repeat. Take a personalised visit to Pompeii with us and watch the city come back to life before your very eyes.


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What's included

  • Expert archaeologist guide
  • Skip the line tickets
  • Private tour
  • Headsets (for groups higher than 10 people)

Points of interest

The Marina Gate, the Basilica, the Forum, the Forum Baths, the Triangular Forum, the Large Theatre, the Odeion, the House of Menander, the Lupanar, the bakery, the House of the Ancient Hunt, the House of the Faun, the Thermopolium, the Forum Granary, the plaster casts, the Temple of Jupiter, the Temple of Apollo, the Temple of Venus


  • Admire the wonderful site of Pompeii in the company of an archaeologist
  • Avoid the long lines in Pompeii with our priority entrance
  • Visit the Lupanar, the oldest brothel in the world

Health & Safety

Askos srl has implemented all the prevention, protection and organizational measures provided for by the regulatory protocol for the Covid-19 Virus pandemic (Legislative Decree no.81 of 9 April 2008, Annex XLVI)

  • We use and offer sanitary gel for hand sanitization, before, after and during the tour.
  • Our guides and all our operators received anti-covid health and safety training. They check their temperature daily and they are trained to comply with all anti-contagion regulations.
  • It is mandatory to wear your own personal mask for the whole duration of the tour. If you don't have one, we'll provide it to you.
  • If headphone sets are required, they are properly sterilized and sanitized before each use.
  • Our private and small group tours are designed to provide  you with maximum comfort and safety.


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Enjoy an amazing exploration and personalised visit to Pompeii with priority entrance!

starting from €260


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Our Reviews

  • Pompei ed Ercolano

    Come ho già avuto modo di scrivere nella mia recensione su Get Your Guide, l’organizzazione dei Tours presso i siti archeologici di Pompei ed Ercolano è stata semplicemente perfetta. Un ringraziamento particolare alla mia guida privata Silvia, che si è dimostrata disponibile, paziente, ma soprattutto brillante in ogni spiegazione; persona preparatissima e di alto spessore culturale, che ha aggiunto valore a dei luoghi dal valore storico già inestimabile.

    | Solo

  • Great experience

    Incredible experience, the highlight of our trip to Italy! We opted for the private tour as we were short on time and needed to cover ground more efficiently. Our guide, Maria, was extremely knowledgeable and kind. Will definitely seek out an Askos tour in the future.

    | Couples

  • Visite de Pompèi inoubliable

    Magnifique visite privée de 3 heures à Pompéi. Notre guide, Ilaria, nous a fait profiter de toute son expertise sur l’histoire de l’empire romain et du site de Pompéi. Constamment à l’écoute, elle nous a fait partager sa passion pour ce site avec entrain et bonne humeur. Un grand merci à elle.

    | Couples

  • Unique insights into Pompei with Diego

    Diego guided us for 3 hours – very knowledgeable and passionate about Pompei! We learned a lot of unique insights with him. Thank you!

    | Couples

  • Wonderful Tour

    Perfect Guide! The tor with Rossana was amazing!

    | Family (young children)

  • Wonderful experience!

    One of the highlights of our South Italy tour. Our guide, Vincenzo, an archeologist, was very kind and very knowledgable. A 3 hour tour with guide is the way to go here otherwise you don‘t really know what you‘re looking at. And in a small group (we were 5) you can visit places larger groups are not allowed to go. So even with a huge crowd, you can find empty ‚streets‘. Very very nice tour!

    | Family (teens)

  • Visite géniale en famille

    Merci à Ilaria pour cette visite. Nos ados ont suivi de bout en bout, entre autre grâce aux anecdotes amusantes. Ilaria a en plus su adapter la visite en fonction de nos questions.

    | Famille (adolescents)

  • Magnífico tour privado de 3 horas

    Fue una visita impresionante. Nuestra guia en español Maria Laura fue estupenda, muy agradable y con un español excelente. Tenía muy buenos conocimientos sobre Pompeya. Hicimos un recorrido privado para nosotros 6 y fué un acierto. Si os recomiendo si vais un día de calor que llevéis agua suficiente, en el maravilloso recorrido solo hay una fuente y hay una distancia hasta llegar a ella.

    | Amigos

  • One of the best tours of our trip!

    Our tour was excellent! Doing a private, archeologist lead tour is the way to go. Silvia was exceptional! She did not rush. She showed us lots of details, and answered all of our questions. Would definitely do this again.

    | Friends

  • Amazing. Our guide was exceptional!

    Taking this tour was one of the high points of our Italian Holiday. Our guide was fantastic. So knowledgeable and friendly. She shared with us not only information on the archeology of Pompeii but also insights on the array of people who lived and died there.

    | Couples

  • A spasso per Pompei in 7

    Grazie a Maria Laura, la nostra sapiente e instancabile guida! Un tour di 3 ore che ha interessato i nostri ragazzi con aneddoti e curiosità. Consiglio a tutti di prenotare una visita guidata con Askos

    | Family (teens)

  • Private 3 Hour Tour of Pompei

    The 3 hour tour was for 5 members of our family (including teens). Antonella, our guide, was extremely knowledgeable about Pompeii and Classical history in general. Her English was excellent and she was also very friendly. We all enjoyed a great visit to the archeological park. I would definitely be more than happy to recommend this tour to any family planning to visit Pompeii.

    | Family (teens)

  • Private tour at Pompeii

    Our guide was excellent! Super knowledgeable and friendly. We did a private tour with just two of us and it was totally worth it. We could ask personalized questions and choose what we wanted to see. It was a fabulous experience.

    | Couples

  • Visite à Pompéi et au Vésuve

    Francesco était notre chauffeur et il nous a accompagnés toute la journée, depuis notre hôtel vers Pompéi ensuite au Vésuve et enfin de retour à notre hôtel. Il nous a donné plein d’explications, avec enthousiasme et gentillesse. C’était une journée magnifique!
    Notre guide à Pompéi, Paolo, était extraordinaire! On a passé 3 heures magiques grâce à ses explications et commentaires!
    Une journée inoubliable!

    | Family (teens)

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