Pompeii under the stars: Night Tour!

Trip Facts

  • Max 20
  • 1.5 hours

Why take this tour

Experience the atmosphere of Pompeii on a night tour! A spine-tingling nocturnal walk through the quiet streets of this most famous Roman city is an unforgettable experience. You’ll visit the archaeological site while the world sleeps. A sound and light show of moving shadows will take you back in time. Only a very few lucky souls get this unique opportunity.

Your Pompeii by night tour starts at the main entrance to Pompeii. This is where you’ll meet your expert archaeologist guide from the Askos Tours team. From the very beginning, as you walk in the dark, your senses will sharpen. Walking from the large city gate, along the Via Marina, you’ll start to easily imagine the hustle and bustle of the artisans and merchants who so animated the neighbourhood. The so-called ‘cat’s eyes’ - real reflectors designed and placed in the paved streets - will light your way. Of course, night time is the only time to fully appreciate them.

At the Piazza del Foro you’ll sense the beating heart of the city. Here you’ll enter the magnificent Basilica, the ancient city court. At the Granaries, you’ll be left speechless by the fabulous plaster casts of the victims of the eruption.  Visiting the Macellum, the cacophony of a busy meat and fish market will reverberate. And in the Eumachia Building, where textiles were traded, you’ll discover the story of a wealthy Pompeian businesswoman.

Crossing the square you’ll pause to admire the imposing statue of the Centaur. This extraordinary bronze sculpture was created by the artist Igor Mitoraj. This illustrates perfectly how ancient Roman art blends with contemporary art, a combination that can only be found in Pompeii.

Take a moment to picture it - a tour of Pompeii at night, under a blanket of stars, overlooked by moon-lit Mount Vesuvius. Now isn’t that something special?

This magical tour is one that’ll make your friends green with envy. Book this memorable experience with Askos Tours.


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What's included

  • Skip-the-line tickets
  • Expert archaeologist guide
  • Small group

Points of interest

Marina Gate, the Basilica, the Forum, the Macellum, Forum Barns, Temple of Venus, House of Triptolemus, Plaster casts of the victims, Eumachia building, the Antiquarium


  • explore the city in a suggestive moonlight atmosphere!
  • Skip the line with our priority tickets
  • The millennial charm of the Forum in an exceptional night visit

Health & Safety

Askos srl has implemented all the prevention, protection and organizational measures provided for by the regulatory protocol for the Covid-19 Virus pandemic (Legislative Decree no.81 of 9 April 2008, Annex XLVI)

  • We use and offer sanitary gel for hand sanitization, before, after and during the tour.
  • Our guides and all our operators received anti-covid health and safety training. They check their temperature daily and they are trained to comply with all anti-contagion regulations.
  • It is mandatory to wear your own personal mask for the whole duration of the tour. 
  • If headphone sets are required, they are properly sterilized and sanitized before each use.
  • Our private and small group tours are designed to provide  you with maximum comfort and safety.


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Feel the magic of Pompeii ruins on a night tour with an archaeologist!

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Our Reviews

  • A very good experience

    Alfredo showed to be an excellent guide, patient and prepared, and didn’t give us time to get bored.
    He was ready to answer to all our questions with precise and clear answers. Truly recommended!

    | Couples

  • indimenticabile passeggiata notturna a Pompei

    Bellissima esperienza notturna a Pompei! Un grazie speciale alla nostra Guida – una preparatissima archeologa – che con grande professionalità ci ha condotto in questo magnifico viaggio alla scoperta della vita e della morte di Pompei!
    Assolutamente da consigliare!!

    | Family (young children)

  • Interessante e emozionante!!

    Visita notturna particolarmente suggestiva e piacevole, essendo al riparo dal sole.
    La guida ci ha condotto da Porta Marina fino al Foro, fornendoci preziose informazioni con grande chiarezza e alleggerendo la spiegazione con ironia.
    Siamo riusciti a conoscere lo stile di vita, le abitudine quotidiane e gli ultimi momenti di vita dei Pompeiani, oltre alle dinamiche della tragedia.
    È stato impressionante osservare grazie ai Calchi in Gesso le ultime espressioni assunte dai Pompeiani durante l’eruzione.
    L’esperienza vale il costo del biglietto.

    | Family (teens)

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