Walk in the footsteps of legends with a tour of Rome


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Explore a living, breathing open-air museum by taking a fabulous guided tour of the historic center of Rome. Where better to begin than the world famous Piazza di Spagna and its Spanish steps? We’ll also visit the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, and Piazza Navona among many other symbolic monuments of this historic capital.

With our expert guide at your side revealing all about what you see, you’ll walk in the footsteps of legends. At every turn, you’ll be blown away by the ancient, Renaissance and Baroque surroundings. Breathe in the unique atmosphere! Immerse yourself in the beating heart of urban life.

Remember those familiar stories you studied at school? They will be brought to life. You’ll learn how to recognise different artistic styles and to find your way around the historic center. Feel free to ask those questions you’ve always wanted to know the answers to! Your guide is an experienced expert who knows the city like the back of his hand and has tips aplenty.

You’ll visit the instantly recognisable Pantheon and learn of its fascinating millennial history. We’ll tell you how it came to be built and how it has changed over the centuries. Wherever you look, you’ll see beautiful palaces, renowned political venues, historic churches and ruins of great significance.

On your tour of Rome, you’ll capture photographs of the most iconic and evocative images of the city. This is a relaxing, fun and educational walk, tailor-made for you. Rome has an enviable cultural heritage, making it one of the most visited and influential European capitals in the world. Here archeology, history, art and religious fervor coexist, which combine to offer sensations not to be missed!

Was im Preis inbegriffen ist

  • ­Local expert guide
  • Private tour

Besondere Sehenswürdigkeiten

Piazza di Spagna, the Spanish steps, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Colonna, Marcus Aurelius Column, Palazzo Chigi, Piazza Montecitorio, Temple of Divo Claudio, Piazza Sant’Ignazio, Church of Sant’Ignazio, Pantheon, Piazza Navona


  • Discover the millennial history of the Pantheon
  • Live the unique atmosphere of Rome with a guided visit lead by a local expert
  • Learn the different artistic styles of the most celebrated buildings, fountains and churches

Gesundheit und Sicherheit

Askos srl has implemented all the prevention, protection and organizational measures provided for by the regulatory protocol for the Covid-19 Virus pandemic (Legislative Decree no.81 of 9 April 2008, Annex XLVI)

  • We use and offer sanitary gel for hand sanitization, before, after and during the tour.
  • Our guides and all our operators received anti-covid health and safety training. They check their temperature daily and they are trained to comply with all anti-contagion regulations.
  • It is mandatory to wear your own personal mask for the whole duration of the tour. If you don't have one, we'll provide it to you.
  • If headphone sets are required, they are properly sterilized and sanitized before each use.
  • Our private and small group tours are designed to provide  you with maximum comfort and safety.


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A guided tour walking through the wonders the city of Rome!

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