We have a new name now!

Good day to all!

For those of you who haven’t yet caught the news, we’ve changed the name. Now it’s officially Askostours. Before we were known as “Pompeiin” which reflected the primary field of our interest. Now we’ve gone global and operate not only in Campania, but in other regions of Italy as well. We owe that impressive growth first of all to our team of professionals who made it possible with their passion, expertise and vision.

The new name of our agency is rather symbolic. This is a specific type of ancient Greek vessel used to carry and store oil, wine and other valuable goods. For easier carrying it has a handle on top. The founder of the agency, Emiliano, once came across such vessel on a site where he was diggind. It was one of the first precious finds of of him, so it became the symbol of any discovery. This vase is a symbol of excitement you get during the wonderful moments of triumph of archaeology. But for us the word “Askos” is also a reminder about the main responsibility of every guide – to answer questions brought up by the tourists. There’s one important difference though in our case: if you “ask us”, we won’t give you boring answers directly, but the very world of ancient and modern local culture will share their answers with you. We’ll care for the most effective way to bring you in contact with these fascinating worlds.

Posted by: Askos Tours | 23 February 2017