What to visit in half a day in Pompeii – Ideal itinerary for a selfguided tour

  1. Spending a few hours exploring Pompeii is a must for any traveler who spends a holiday in Italy.For many, the time available is really limited, especially for those who land at the port of Naples by cruise ship.Exploring Pompeii can be an exciting and adventurous cultural activity, but it couldt take 2 whole days to visit all the main buildings and points of interest of the excavations.What to do, then, if the time available is limited to a few hours?The ideal is to book an authorized tourist guide, who can move easily between the alleys of the ruins to explain the history of the city, the habits and customs of its inhabitants. Book your private guide here!For those wishing to venture alone to visit Pompeii, we believe that the minimum time needed to make an selfguided visit to the excavations is 3 hours.

    What can you see in this short time? Below is an ideal itinerary for a 3-hour unguided tour of Pompeii:

  • First, buy the entrance ticket and pick up a map at the Marina Superiore ticket office, or download here free map of pompei
  •  Access Pompeii through the arches of Porta Marina. (REGIO VII Point 2)
  • Visit the Civil Forum with the splendid view of Mount Vesuvius behind the Temple of Jupiter. (REGIO VII Point 6)
  •  The forum granary where there are numerous amphorae and above all some plaster casts of the victims of the eruption. (REGIO VII Point 7)
  • The Lupanar is absolutely not to be missed. The only Roman brothel in the world, opens a window on the customs, mentality and daily life of the Romans. (REGIO VII Point 18)
  • Reaching via dell’Abbondanza the splendid complex of the Stabian Baths. Both the male and female sections are perfectly preserved. (REGIO VII Point 16)
  • The house of Menander, a beautiful and rich private residence, where all the frescoes and floors are very well preserved. Remarkable are the saloon with scenes from the Trojan war and the private balneum (spa) with elegant mosaics and stuccoes. (REGIO I Point 7)
  • A quick visit to the theaters district. You can access both the great theater of the Samnite period and the odeion dating back to the era of the Roman colony’s deduction. (REGIO VIII Points 10 and 12)
  • Exit the excavations through the quadriportico of the theaters. (REGIO VIII Point 11)

There is much more to see. The rest can be reserved for your next tours in Pompeii.

Posted by: Askos Tours | 22 January 2019