How the Kings lived: a tour of the Royal Palace of Caserta

Why all movie fans should go to the Caserta Royal Palace

There’s no chance you haven’t heard about the “Star Wars”, “Mission Impossible” and “Angels and Demons” movies. Probably you even enjoy these films as much as we do. The reason for us to like them is that the Royal Palace in Caserta has been chosen as a set location for a couple of famous scenes in all these three Hollywood movies. This palace is so unbelievably majestic that it is no wonder.

Come to Caserta with us and we will show you the splendid marble staircase featured in “Star Wars” and “Angels and Demons” as well as the garden featured in “Mission Impossible“.

On this tour you will also get first-hand knowledge about the lifestyles of the highest European elite in the XVIII century. You’ll feel what the Neapolitan king felt taking a morning everyday walk in one of the four courtyards and 1200 rooms of the enormous palace, or strolling along the picturesque waterfall cascade in the garden. Book our Caserta Royal Place Tour now!

Posted by: Askos Tours | 23 February 2017